New Associate Unit Lviv in Ukraine becomes part of the ELLIS network

The European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS) creates a new Associate Unit in Lviv, Ukraine.


Based at the Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS) of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU), Lviv is the first of a new type of ELLIS Associate Units created at promising research laboratories at emerging locations. Its objectives include promoting top-tier research within the country, attracting skilled professionals, and further integrating both Ukrainian researchers and companies into the broader European AI community. With Lviv, ELLIS now has 43 sites in 17 different countries across Europe and Israel.

Associate units are physical research laboratories that have the potential to become a leading location for AI research and are created in countries that do not have an ELLIS Unit yet. Associate units are closely linked with at least one existing ELLIS unit that helps the new associate unit build connections to the rest of the ELLIS network. For Lviv, this role is taken by ELLIS Unit Prague at the Czech Technical University, which has a track record of research collaborations and student exchange with Lviv.

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