ELLIS Unit Prague researchers presented their achievements at AGIMUS Winter School 2023

Vladimír Petrík presenting euRobin at Agimus Winter School. Source: Agimus Project.

The dynamic CIIRC’s trio of Josef Šivic, Vladimír Petrík and Mederic Fourmy provided a comprehensive look at object recognition and tracking at AGIMUS Winter School 2023. Participants were immersed in cutting-edge presentations on algorithms for autonomous movement generation, optimal control encompassing its formalization and solvers, constraint programming and proximal methods, and ethics. Thanks to this activity, the synergy among ELLIS, the euROBIN Network of Excellence and Agimus project was boosted.

ELLIS researchers are reinforcing the collaboration throughout the European networks for artificial intelligence and robotics. AGIMUS Winter School serves as another great example.

The AGIMUS Winter School, held from December 11 to 15, 2023, at the picturesque Observatoire Océanologique de Banyuls-sur-Mer in France, brought together enthusiast students and experts in the field of agile production, AI, and robotics. It solidified the skills and knowledge acquired through the project’s activities, covering both technological and ethical principles for a collaborative and enriching experience.

Distinguished speakers graced the event, offering insights into cutting-edge topics. Ludovic Righetti from LAAS-CNRS and Quentin Le Lidec from Inria, experts in machine learning, optimization, and computer vision, delved into the intricate world of Simulations, focusing on the frictional contact problem, dynamics, and collisions. Justin Carpentier, researcher from Inria specialised in robotics, perception, machine learning, optimization and control, and Adrien Taylor, an Inria researcher in optimization and numerical analysis, illuminated the audience on Optimal Control, unravelling its formalization and solvers. Nicolas Mansard and Florent Lamiraux, experts in robotics and motion planning from LAAS-CNRS took the stage, presenting Task and Motion Planning. The dynamic Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics, and Cybernetic’s trio of Josef Sivic, researcher in computer vision and machine learning, his team-mates Vladimír Petrik, expert in robotics, video processing, machine learning, and Mederic Fourmy, expert in robotics, state estimation and Model Predictive Control, provided a comprehensive look at object recognition and tracking. For instance, Josef Sivic had a chance to present great results of project Mega Pose regarding the visually guided robotic manipulation systems in novel scenes containing novel objects. 

PAL Robotics’ team Luca Marchionni, Chief Technology Officer, and Narcis Miguel i Baños, expert in dynamical systems, showcased the latest advancements in ROS2 control for the forthcoming TIAGo Pro.  

Regarding the poster session, Joaquim Ortiz-Haro earned the AWS Best Poster Award for his poster entitled „iDb-A: Iterative Search and Optimization for Optimal Kinodynamic Motion Planning“.

Beyond the academic sessions, participants had the opportunity to explore the charming village of Banyuls-sur-Mer, adding a delightful cultural touch to this intellectually stimulating gathering. The AGIMUS Winter School not only fostered knowledge exchange but also boosted the vibrant community of robotics enthusiasts committed to pushing the boundaries of the field.

Interconnecting ELLIS, euROBIN and AGIMUS activities makes a great deal of sense. Goals of euROBIN, for instance, include both significant scientific advances on core questions of AI-based robotics as well as strengthening the scientific robotics community in Europe by providing an integrative community platform. For more info, visit AGIMUS project page and euROBIN project websites.