ELISE H2020 ICT-48 project

European Learning and Intelligent Systems Excellence (ELISE)

ELISE (elise-ai.eu) builds upon the ELLIS organization and brings together the best European researchers and institutions in machine learning-driven fields in a network of artificial intelligence research hubs. The network is funded by the EU within the ICT-48-2020 call “Towards a vibrant European network of AI excellence”. The ELISE proposal has been selected with top scores awarded among all proposals in this call.  

ELISE (i) contributes to building and executing the European strategic research agenda in AI; (ii) runs PhD student and a postdoc programmes to attract and educate world-class talent in Europe. (iii) creates a mobility program for experienced researchers, consisting of research visits and workshops, to foster new ideas and collaborations; and (iv) increases innovation in Europe by accelerating integration of machine learning technology by SMEs, start-ups and incubators.

Role of CIIRC CTU: CIIRC CTU leads the mobility program for experienced researchers with the goal to support short- and long-term scientific visits within the European AI community. CIIRC CTU also contributes to running the Open Calls for SMEs to stimulate innovation in machine learning-driven fields in Europe.

Project Coordinator: Aalto University (Finland)

Project website: www.elise-ai.euPrincipal Investigator at CIIRC CTU: Josef Šivic, josef.sivic@cvut.cz